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Primarily focused on defending employers and their insurance carriers against workers’ compensation claims, the Law Firm of Malcolm D. Smith, Jr., P.C. protects its client’s interest with the zeal and confidence borne of years of experience and thorough preparation for each matter in its charge.  Hawkish trial practice, creative solutions and reasoned advice are hallmarks of the firm.  The firm’s typical trial practice venues are the Workers’ Compensation Commission and the Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims, both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa branches of each.  However, in the past year the firm has defended the interests of a workers’ compensation insurance carrier client in the District for Tulsa County and in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

Firm Values

The firm devotes the requisite time and energy to legal research and writing to succeed in motion practice before trial judges and in appellate advocacy before the Oklahoma Supreme Court and Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.  From answering an adjuster’s question about an unlitigated case to evaluating a case for settlement to negotiating a settlement to conducting discovery to trying a case to writing a Supreme Court brief and everything in between, the overriding concern and goal of the firm is the client’s best interest.  If you want to be represented by a law firm that puts your interests first and has the knowledge, experience, skill and will to partner with you to accomplish your aims, the Law Firm of Malcolm D. Smith, Jr., P.C. is the law firm for you.

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